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A Very Busy Year

So far the year has been very busy. So busy in fact, that I feel somewhat disoriented because I am not getting enough time in my studio. As I get older I have realized how much quiet time alone with my creative process centers me and lets me do all the other things in my professional life. Continue reading

The Year of the Exhibition

It is only the beginning of February and this year is already shaping up to be the biggest exhibition year I have ever had. The exhibitions are varied in intent, scope, and size. They are also asking for more pieces than I have made.
Here is a list of what I have committed to so far:

  • March 2 to March 27 – Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland, CA
    This an exhibition in honor of International Women’s month.
  • March 18 -representing The Crucible at The SF Symphony concert
  • April 13 – May 5 – The Art Spirit Gallery, Boise, ID