All work displayed in this gallery may be purchased by contacting Judy Stone.

I call these “destructed” vessels burnt offerings because they are my homage to enameling and to the power of heat and fire. They challenge me to heal what has been destroyed making it more beautiful and more balanced. The enamel imagery often suggests flaying or dissecting the innards of the piece to reveal what’s beneath. The medium beckons me to burrow under its surface. On the other hand, I want the satin finishes, the exterior of the piece, to be handled and caressed. I paint with light and want light to play on and through the pieces.

Enameling is known as a very controlled and controlling medium. At the moment when I fire a piece I give up control and let the heat of the kiln change its shape. By cutting, sewing, riveting, and working with various thicknesses of metal I guide the movement that is happening in the kiln. Ultimately it is in giving up some control that I feel the most satisfaction.

Judy Stone