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A Year Without Shows

It’s been a while since my last post. I apologize to everyone wanting to know what I have been up to and whether I am still working now that I am no longer doing shows. Yes, I am still working.  I have come to value my time in my studio as a time of quite and nurturing. Here is an image of one of my more recent

Baltimore ACC, the Smithsonian, the Pasadena Contemporary Crafts Market, all have come and gone and, for the first time in many years, I wasn’t there. This year without crafts shows is almost  like the year after I left my PhD program at Indiana University. My body has a certain rhythm that ties it to events, times of the year, schedules, places, colors, people. . . Without those anchors I sometimes feel lost.  Even though  I am not retired I seem to be experiencing some of the dis-associations that retirement brings with it. Continue reading

An Enamel Center: Dream, Folly, Necessity!

PIC It is time to go public. I am trying to make my dream of an enamel center a reality. This will be the first of many blogposts about the Center for Enamel Art. The posts will begin appearing in a new website next month. There will also be a Facebook page and a Twitter feed for the Center – although I am very bad at administering social media. There will also be a sign-up form on this site that you can submit in order to receive e-mail announcements about me, the Center project, and related events for the enameling community as a whole. Continue reading