Judy Stone selling pink triangle pins at gay rights celebrationAn article about the women’s crafts movement which is co-written by Stone can be seen at the Celebration of Craftswomen website. The article shows Stone in the 1980′s selling her pink triangle pins at a gay rights demonstration.

A post about Stone and her work appeared in the SF Art News Weekly Blog – July, 2012.

An article about Stone and her work appeared in the British Society of Enamellers Summer ’07 newsletter (BSOEarticle).

The East Bay Monthly, a local publication, published a very interesting and well-written article about Judy Stone in its January, 2005 issue.


Stone is a Niche Awards finalist for 2014 in Metal for her piece Hermioni 3. This piece is currently in the collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation and will tour the US in 2015-16 in the EAF’s exhibition, Little Dreams in Glass and Metal.

Judy Stone Enamel - Burnt Offering
She is the recipient of the 2009 Woodrow W. Carpenter Award from the Enamelist Society, which was established to honor those who are presently working to benefit the world of enameling.



Stone’s method of working is written up in 2 books:

The Art of Fine Enameling, edited by Karen Cohen and published by Sterling, is more than a projects book. Stone’s project in the book is a whimsical homage to one of her mentors, Fred Ball. This book is loaded with pictures and great information for anyone interested in enameling. It has recently been reissued in paperback.

Contemporary Enameling, Arts and Techniques by Lilyan Bachrach, is an expanded version of her book Enameling with Professionals.

One of Stone’s vessels is in Lark Book’s 500 Enameled Objects.